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Ordo Therapeutae Mystae

Ancient Therapeutic Order of The Mystic Temple

Therapeutic Brotherhood



During the time of the second Temple in Jerusalem, there was a religious community in Alexandria, Egypt, called the Therapeutae, meaning "those who serve." According to the historian Philo,
"Therapeutae" has a double meaning:
     1) In the sense of "healing," they professed alternative therapeutics "better than that available in the cities."
     2) In the sense of "worship," they professed to worship God as
"The Being, who is better than The Good, purer than The One, and more ancient than The Monad."

It is accepted that early Buddhist missionaries went to the Middle East and North Africa, and there are many similarities between the consciousness Teachings of the two groups, but, contrary to some reports, the Pali-based word Theravada is not the origin of the Greek word Therapeutae.

Light and Sound

The Masters of the Mystic Temple have all taught that spiritual Light comes from spiritual Sound.

John 1:1 was written around 1,900 years ago.
     "In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was toward God, and God was the Logos."
"Logos" is a verbal noun. Its verbal root-meaning is "speaking" or "reading." As a side note,
"Qur'an" is also a verbal noun.  Its verbal root-meaning is also "speaking" or "reading."
A reasonable translation of "Logos" is "Speaking," with a translation of John 1:1 as follows:
     "In the beginning was the Speaking, and the Speaking was toward God, and God was the Speaking."

Genesis 1:3 was written around 2,500 years ago.
     "And God said, 'Let there be Light,' and there was Light."
     "And the Phonon said, 'Let there be Photon,' and there was Photon."

As an "in the world" Order, one of our goals is to research and administer quantum-level healing.
We are convinced that there is a  pattern of perfection which expresses in the body as light, which comes from sound.
Furthermore, "Logos" is a code-word for fractal geometry. We have learned of evidence that "Logos" may indicate that fractals are a key to the healing of the "reading" of the DNA code.

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